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Pieces of Time

Mary's Journal

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2 February 1956
Though I have a number of interests, my main ties to LJ lie in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom, which I discovered online sometime during Season 5 and have been involved with ever since. In 2002, I created a Yahoo Group called The Crypt Door, at which I recommended my favorite pieces of Buffy/Spike fanfiction. The group was somewhat different in that only I could post to it (though bubonicplague pitched in with a few recs) and, with about 1500 members, was fairly successful.

The Crypt Door dominated my involvement in the fandom until Spike forced me to pick up a pen and write my own version of his story. I was busy with my family and hadn't written anything for more than 20 years, so I did my best to resist his nagging, but he's damned persistent and I finally gave in. A short PWP, Lost in You, was well received and I spent most of the next two plus years working on my very long (and long unfinished) alternate Season 6 and beyond story, Journeys. Writer’s block got me out of the habit of writing and while I would still love to finish Journeys, I am not currently working on it. In my mind, Buffy, Spike and the entire gang are very firmly planted in the universe I created, though, and that's how I envision them now and always will. They're pretty happy there, too. :-)

I’ve been teaching myself Photoshop for the past two years and try to continue contributing to the fandom with fanart. I’ve had a great time learning how to do blends and manips, wallpapers and banners. I find it fun, challenging and much more relaxing than writing, though, alas, not as fulfilling.

Links to my stories and to my fanart can be found in my Links section. My Photoshop Resources are listed below.

Outside fandom, I enjoy reading, viewing art and watching football, gymnastics and figure skating. I no longer watch series television, though I will occasionally rent a series that my flist recommends. I am a busy person who is never, ever bored and who tends to disappear from LJ for weeks at a time as RL calls.

My Friending Policy: As long as your profile indicates we share some interests, 'friend me and I'll friend you back' pretty much sums up my friending policy.

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