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23 July 2007 @ 06:57 pm
Fanfic Awards  

I've been very fortunate to receive a number of awards for my short story Lost in You and my long unfinished epic, Journeys. Some of these awards were placed on the page rabid1st made for me a few years back, though I often had trouble getting them to her and she sometimes had trouble posting them. (We were such techno-goddesses!) Some awards were lost when my laptop was stolen (along with any record of what they were and what no-longer-in-existence sites they were from). :-( It's kind of nice to have those that survived gathered here in one place. I enjoyed and appreciated every one of them!

Best Author Awards
Awards for best author (winner or runner up) were rare for me and so, much treasured.

Awards for Lost In You

Lost in You was the first piece of writing I shared with anyone in more than 25 years. I can still remember the sick fear I felt when I clicked a button and posted it to a couple of Buffy/Spike-centric Yahoo groups and to ff.net. The feedback was wonderful. I had already begun working on Journeys and it provided a lot of welcome encouragement for me as I wrote.

Judge's Choice Awards

Awards for Best Buffy POV

Awards for Best Short Story

Awards for Sexiest/BestPWP Piece

Awards for Journeys

Journeys was well received, and the feedback and awards it received meant the world to me. My sincere thanks to everyone who contacted me about the fic and to those who nominated, voted for or, as judges, chose Journeys for recognition. My thanks as well to the hard working fans who host and run awards sites and to the artists who make the pretties. :-)

Judges Choice

Awards for Best Characterization

Reader's Choice & Best Written Awards

Awards for Best Angst

Awards for Best Romance

Best Drama/Story/Saga/Plot

Best Spuffy/Shipper/Sexy Fic

Best WIP Awards

And one of my very favorites, the Slay Me Award – from slaymesoftly. Thank you so much, my friend - I was incredibly honored!

Here are the kind words she used when bestowing this award on me.

"Today’s Slay Me Award goes to – I hesitate to say “a story”, because it is an epic in every sense of the word, but for lack of something better – a story that was one of the first I read when I discovered the fandom. See behind the cut for today’s award winner and a (possibly not) brief explanation of why it is worthy.

Journeys by Mary. http://www.allaboutspike.com/fic.html?id=203

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about Journeys? This was one of the first stories I found when I hit upon the All About Spike archive. If you recall yesterday’s post about what effects the stories I’m choosing might have had on me, one of them was that I had stayed up until all hours reading it. *points to above fic* I honestly stayed up until well past midnight for several nights in row until I was caught up on this story. And then I scanned the “updates” eagerly for the next chapter(s) as they became available. I think my very first review/comment/whatever to an author was to Mary. I raved, I babbled, I promised eternal devotion…pretty much made an ass of myself, I’m sure. At the time, I had no idea that authors might actually like to hear from fans, so I was probably wildly apologetic too. Here I was, taking up her valuable time (that she could have spent writing!) asking her to read my incoherent praise.

Periodically, she would post a little personal item in her Author’s Notes along with the current update, and soon I was even more excited. She had a life! A family, teen-age/young adult kids - like me! And they did gymnastics! OMG! I had things in common with Mary! *smacks Mary to make her stop laughing - it gets worse* I seriously watched that year’s (Gymnastics) Nationals, paying more attention to the crowd shots than to the girls because Mary had said she would be there. I kept peering at the screen searching for a blond woman who looked like a writer. :) I couldn’t have told you who our National Champion was that year, but I could’ve told you where most of the blond women in the audience were sitting….

Okay, enough about what a babbling fangirl I was…Why did this story hit me so hard? Number one - it was, I think, the first really good story that I came across. (I think it was in the updates the first time I went to the site and I was hooked right away – I don’t mean to imply that I didn’t find many other fine fics on the site, because I did, and they will be showing up here at some point, but this was the one I began reading first.) I had just begun reading fan fiction, not really expecting much and, until I stumbled into AAS, that’s pretty much what I found. Lots of good plot ideas, but pretty amateurish writing. Suddenly, I found this site where the opposite was true – the writing rocked, and here, on the home page, was this marvelous story full of believable characters living and having adventures (boy, do they have adventures) in a totally AU world that veers off canon almost immediately, but in such a wonderful way that you barely realize it. There are friendships, there are dangers, there is angst, there is love, there is sex, there are very real original characters…need I go on? This series (for that is actually what it is) has it all. As a writer who tends to pretty much fall on her face in terms of plot development once I get Buffy and Spike together, I am in awe of the way this story takes their relationship and builds a world around it.

Part I begins after the The Gift, and veers off canon as soon as Buffy gets back. From there on, we are living in the Sunnydale (and the USA) that Mary has created for her characters and we are watching them grow, develop and relate to each other in ways Joss probably never thought of. Parts I and II are completed, Part III is, to the best of my knowledge, still a WIP.

So, if it weren’t already obvious, today’s Slay Me Award for excellence in fan fiction goes to …. *drum roll* Journeys by Mary (mary5958)."